F.A.Q. | NFT2Print.com

1. Can I pay with Crypto, PAYPAL or VISA?

YES! We offer a wide range of payment options. 


2. Can I order a collectible if I don't own an NFT?

NFT collectibles can only be redeemed by those who currently own an NFT. The reason for this is that each item is uniquely designed using the registered NFT.


3.How to upload an NFT from a marketplace to NFT2PRINT.COM? ON COMPUTER & ON PHONE :

2 options:
1. Copy the url of the image from OpenSea, Rarible... and paste it to "Upload an image"

‍2. Save the image from the NFT Marketplace and drop it from your computer.
→ Your image does not fit? Contact us, we will help you with pleasure.

4. Is "CONNECT WALLET" already working?

We are working very hard to implement "Connect Wallet" and many other cool web3.0 features. 


5. Can I cancel my order?

We make every order personalized, and every product is unique. Due to the nature of this process, it will not be possible to return the order.
Send us an email immediately to cancel your order. We will charge you a handling fee of 25 euros.

6. When will I receive my products?

All products are made to order in The Netherlands and shipped within 1-3 working days after receiving the full payment. Once the products are ready for shipment you’ll receive a track&trace code. When the parcel is processed by the carrier you can track it with the  track&trace code on the website of the carrier.

Depending on the carrier and country the exact transit time can vary.
An indication of the transit times;
United states of America; 3-8 days (average 5,5 days)
Europe; 1-5 days (average 3 days)
Australia; 4-8 days (average 4,8 days)
Russian Federation; 5-10 days (average 6,6 days)
Asia; 4-8 days (average 6,5 days)
North and South Africa; 5-10+ days (average 9,0 days)



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